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News Articles Of Stolen ATMs

Thief Drives Into Store, Steals ATM
Owner Says Nothing Else Taken From Store


BOONVILLE, Iowa - An ATM was stolen from the Booneville General Store Thursday morning. The convenience store is popular with many folks who live in and drive through Booneville in the southeast corner of Dallas County. Authorities said the thief, or thieves, got their hands on the ATM by driving a pickup truck right through the side of the store. The store's owner, Thomas Bos, said he received a call around 2:45 a.m. from his security company, after the break-in set off alarms at the store. Bos drove to the store and found the front side of the building smashed in and the ATM that was bolted to the floor inside the store missing.

Tire tracks in the snow and a license plate left at the scene indicated someone drove through the wall and knocked the ATM loose, then loaded it up and drove away. The license plate belongs to a green 1999 Dodge pickup that was stolen from Des Moines a couple of days ago. The store has significant damage, and Bos said whoever stole the ATM knew exactly what they were doing. "I think they were able to see it right inside the building. The structure, it's a metal building, so I'm sure that they've been in here and looked around quite a bit to know it was that easy to do," Bos said. The ATM belonged to the Waukee State Bank. There's no word yet on how much money was inside. Bos said nothing else was taken from the store. There's no video surveillance system in the store, but Bos said he's been looking at installing one.

Police Search For 7 People Involved In ATM Robbery
5 Men Steal ATM, Machine Falls From Truck, 2 Other People Pick It Up


Houston - A smash-and-grab robbery at a north Houston gas station early Tuesday morning has left the storefront in shambles, an ATM missing, and robbers still on the loose. Employee Benzilo Gomes said he called the police and his boss after the men used a pickup to smash into the Shell gas station on Interstate 45 near West Parkway around 3:30 a.m. and steal an ATM. The employee said he watched from behind the register as the robbers loaded up the cash machine and took off. "Not even four or five minutes. They lifted it so quickly," Gomes said. As the robbers drove away and turned a corner, the machine fell out of the bed of the truck onto the side of the road. Officials believe a man and a woman in a van picked up the machine. They believe the man and woman could be the newspaper delivery workers for the area. Police found the stolen pickup -- which happens to be a Houston Police Department officer's vehicle -- abandoned on Interstate 45. Officials said the officer was unaware that his vehicle had been stolen. The seven people involved in the robbery of the cash machine are being sought by officials. Several witnesses told officials they saw a blue Econovan pick up the fallen cash machine.

San Antonio - Some ATM burglary suspects managed to escape police following a chase early Monday on the city's Northeast Side. Police said an alarm went off at a Food Mart on Perrin Beitel and Greystone at 2 a.m. shortly after the suspects backed a stolen Chevrolet Suburban into the store and loaded an ATM into the back of the vehicle. With police still on the way, two passers by spotted the suspects and gave chase. "I took off after them, said Anthony Rodriguez. "Another truck was in front of me chasing them. He lost them and I stayed up with them 'til they got over there." The police chase, which involved more than 20 officers, ended a few miles from the store at Walzem Road and Cross Creek. But by the time police arrived, the suspects had abandoned the Suburban and the ATM. Police officials said this is the closest they've come to catching the suspects, who are believed to be involved in a rash of similar robberies.

27th ATM theft reported in west-central Illinois

WILLIAMSFIELD (AP) - Authorities in west-central Illinois are investigating yet another automatic teller machine theft. The ATM theft this week is the 27th reported since October in Knox, Mercer, Henry, Peoria, Fulton and McDonough counties. The Knox County Sheriff's Department says an alarm was set off at the Travelers Mart in Williamsfield early Monday. Deputies found the business' door off its hinges and its ATM ripped from the floor where it was attached with bolts.
A sheriff's deputy later discovered a stolen pick-up truck abandoned along a Knox County highway that appeared to have parts of an ATM inside it, but its safe was ripped out. No arrests have been made in the thefts, and officials are asking anyone with information to contact the Galesburg-area Crime stoppers.

Thieves make off with whole ATM
Chronicle Staff Report

ATM crimes are not uncommon but thieves may be taking a new tack: taking the whole machine instead of just robbing an individual user. "This seems to be going on more," Dublin police Lt. John Hardester said today after a machine was stolen in his town. "We know of one in the (Alameda County) sheriff's jurisdiction and we've heard of some others in the area. We're calling other agencies to check it out." The Dublin theft came at about 12:30 a.m. today at a convenience store near the intersection of Dougherty Road and Dublin Boulevard. "We got the alarm and we were there in five minutes, but the suspect and the ATM machine were gone," Hardester said. "It appeared that the suspect used a large vehicle to crash into the business. The vehicle was gone. The front door was smashed. As a matter of fact, much of the front of the building was smashed. The ATM was removed." He would not say how much money was in the machine. Hardester said the suspect vehicle may be a large white van, probably with extensive front end damage.

ATM Thefts

Mukwonago police say they found a mangled bank machine in a secluded campground a few miles from the gas station where it was stolen. Employees of the Village Pumper say the owner had another bank machine taken from his gas station in Eagle as well. A Waukesha County detective said those burglaries may be connected to more than a dozen others in southeast Wisconsin. If you have information on any of the ATM thefts, you're urged to call the Waukesha County Crime Stoppers at 1-888-441-5505. If your information leads to an arrest, you'll be eligible for a cash reward.

Conyers man arrested in ATM thefts
David Simpson

A man with experience operating heavy equipment has been charged in metro Atlanta's recent rash of automated teller machine thefts. Conyers police said James Glenn Henderson, 45, was arrested at the home of his estranged wife in Conyers early Monday. A Conyers bank was among at least seven targeted since June 18 by a thief or thieves who used stolen heavy equipment to pry ATMs out of bank buildings. Four other cases occurred in Gwinnett County and one each in Atlanta and Alpharetta. Conyers police Capt. David Spann said it was unlikely the thefts were carried out by a single person, but investigators had not yet confirmed that others were involved. Henderson was arrested with a stolen vehicle, but no money was recovered, Spann said. He said authorities have not yet determined whether anyone ever got the ATMs open to steal cash. Spann said Henderson would be charged with theft by taking in Suwanee and Conyers in which ATMs were pried out of bank buildings. FBI spokesman Steve Lazarus said federal authorities were considering whether to bring charges against Henderson. Spann said investigators got a tip that Henderson might have been involved and checked his work experience. "He did have a background in construction and heavy equipment operation," he said. He was arrested without incident. The thefts began June 18, when someone stole a bulldozer from a construction site and used it to yank an automated teller machine off its base at the Homestate Bank on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in Suwanee. Surveillance video shows the crook put on a hard hat first.In the second incident, a forklift was used to knock down an ATM at a SouthTrust bank on Dogwood Drive in Conyers on June 24. An ATM stolen July 19 from a Wachovia branch in Buckhead brought to seven the number taken in metro Atlanta in the past five weeks.

Bandits Steal ATM from Store
Kevin Rowson

Two masked bandits went into a DeKalb County convenience store and stole an ATM. The bandits lifted it and carried it right out of the store. It was all caught on video tape. The masked men broke into the Citgo convenience store on Johnson Ferry Road Monday morning. One of the burglars used what appears to be a crowbar and pries open the stores door. Once inside, the burglars head right to their target -- the ATM. The men ripped that machine from the wall and carried it out of the store. Once outside, the men struggle to get the machine in the back of an SUV. It appears that some adjustments have to be made by folding up the middle seat. The owner of the Citgo station thinks there might have been between $5,000 and $10,000 in the ATM. This is not a new type of crime. Convenience store ATMs have been lifted before. In July 2004, 45-year-old James Henderson was arrested by Conyers, Ga., police after being connected to six ATM heists from banks. Police said Henderson stole backhoes from construction sites to lift bank ATMs off their moorings. The owner of the convenience store didn't want to be on camera, but said this is the fourth time his store has been broken into in the past month and a half. He thinks he may recognize the two men from earlier surveillance tapes when they smashed his windows, but were scared away when the alarm went off.

Ram raid ATM thefts in Ill. appear to be linked
ATM Market

GALESBURG, Ill. — Authorities in central and west-central Illinois believe that a spate of recent ATM thefts are related. According to an Associated Press report, the Knox County Sheriff's Department is investigating a string of 15 thefts in which ATMs have been dragged from businesses in rural communities. Knox County Sheriff's Detective Nick Carlson said five ATMs have turned up missing in Knox County. ATMs have also disappeared in Rock Island, Henry, McDonough and Peoria counties since November. "They're using a stolen pickup and actually pulling machines from the business using a chain or a cable or something," said Keith Pickard, also a detective with the Knox County Sheriff’s Department. One machine, with its sides bashed in, has been recovered.

ATM thieves getting bolder
ATM Market

BRIMFIELD, Ill. — In a single 48-hour stretch, ATM thieves hit the village of Brimfield not once but twice. The suspects took off with cash machines from two different Brimfield businesses located within a block of each other, according to a WHOI report. Thieves got away with the ATM at Jim's Supermarket in the early morning hours of April 4. The ATM contained $800. “They know what they are doing, they come in and do it, and it only takes three minutes to do,” said Barb Mckown of Jim’s Supermarket. Then around 2:30 a.m. on April 6, an ATM was stolen from Brimfield Bank. The same thieves may have been involved in the attempted theft of an ATM from a Cuba, Ill., gas station, also over the April 5 weekend, according to a report in the Fulton County Daily Ledger. According to the Ledger, suspects removed an ATM from a T-Mart station and loaded it into a stolen truck -- but the machine apparently fell out of the truck while they were trying to get away. Police said a truck was stolen from the driveway of Fairview, Ill., residence. Police believe the Brimfield and Cuba cases may be related to a string of ATM thefts throughout several Illinois counties, including Peoria, Knox, Rock Island, Henry and McDonough counties.

ATM Theft Suspects Arrested
Jeff Cresswell

Police have made two arrests in a rash of ATM robberies. 20-year old Steven Russell and 25-year old Todd Schweitzer of Abbotsford face charges and police say they're looking for two more men. Police believe the group was busting into gas stations and convenience stores around the Lower Mainland. They'd chain the ATM to their car, rip it out of the ground and bust it open later. Police think they hit several stores and hauled in around $25,000 every time.

Three area men accused of ATM theft in Firth
Debbie Bryce

Three Bingham County men were arrested and charged Thursday in connection with an ATM burglary at Potelco United Credit Union in Firth and more than $9,000 was recovered. Bingham County Sheriff Dave Johnson said Willie Bridges and Moises Santos, both 21, are charged with burglary, grand theft and felony malicious injury to property. Jacob Hansen, 34, is charged with grand theft and felony malicious injury to property. Combined detective units from the Bingham County Sheriff's Office and Blackfoot police, assisted by the FBI, investigated the incident which occurred Feb. 16. "This has been an excellent move bringing these (detective) forces together and increasing our resources," he said. Johnson said Santos abandoned his vehicle on the Firth river bottoms where police believe the ATM was loaded into Bridges' truck after being pulled from the foundation with a chain. A resident in Firth found a piece of the chain used to free the ATM and turned it over to the police, Johnson said. Officers recovered additional pieces at the credit union. Johnson said an alarm system was activated when the ATM was pulled from the base and he estimates officers were on the scene within about 10 minutes. Police believe Bridges and Santos took the ATM machine to Hansen's residence following the burglary and the three men used a cutting torch to open it. They then divided the money equally between them. Bingham County Detective Brad Bench traced the pickup truck to Santos and after reviewing video footage of the crime, officers interviewed him. Santos allegedly confessed to the crime and implicated Bridges and Hansen, Johnson said. Blackfoot Detective Paul Newbold, the lead investigator on the case, said Bridges is currently in Blackfoot on leave from the U.S. Air Force. Newbold said Bridges and Santos have no prior record, but Hansen has been charged with burglary in the past. He said the men had been planning the burglary for about a month prior to executing it. Bridges and Santos graduated from Firth High School. Firth Mayor Mike Kress, who is also the school's principal, said they are his former students. Johnson said Hansen is Santos' brother-in-law. Potelco President Brian Osberg said the ATM valued at $15,000 was destroyed. But he added that personal account information was not compromised in the theft. Osberg said the ATM will be replaced and he believes existing security measure are adequate. "If a burglar wants the ATM, their going to get it," he said. Osberg said $18,260 was stolen and $9,580 has been recovered. All three men are being held at the Bingham County Jail. Bail was set at $50,000 each. Johnson said federal charges may also be filed. If convicted on all counts the men face a minimum of 20 years in prison.

Former ATM technician held in string of thefts. Two other men also charged with stealing cash machines.
Jaxon Van Derbeken, Chronicle Staff Writer

A former technician for a San Francisco company that leases automated teller machines led a ring suspected of swiping seven ATMs out of their perches in walls across the city, police said Monday. "You would have to have inside knowledge in order to attempt something like this and get away so cleanly," Lt. Thomas Buckley of the police burglary detail said of the suspects in the string of crimes that began Feb. 7. "They were thwarting the internal security measures taken by the company." The estimated loss from the stolen machines and the cash in them is more than $100,000. Three men were arrested last week and charged with crimes in connection with three of the seven thefts. The leader of the ring, authorities say, was 22-year-old Ryan Juan, a former technician for the operators of the leased machines, Swipe USA. Authorities say the company fired Juan in January for theft. Company officials declined to comment. Juan's brother, who still works as a technician at the company, was interviewed by police last week but is not a suspect, Buckley said. Juan and two other men, Nestor Reyes, 29, and Cameron Lang, 23, were charged last week with two burglaries. On Monday they were charged with the Feb. 24 robbery and kidnapping of a Mission Street liquor store owner, whom they allegedly forced to open his locked store so they could steal an ATM. "They tried to get into the building -- when they couldn't get in, they waited for the owner to show up," said Inspector Michael Dudoroff of the robbery detail. "When the owner got there, they forced him in, tied him up and put duct tape over his eyes." In addition to the liquor store, ATMs have been stolen from a parking garage on O'Farrell Street, a dry cleaner, a bar, and most recently Thursday from the Javalencia Cafe on Valencia Street. In each case, police say, the thieves would break into a business where a machine was mounted on an outside wall. They would defeat internal security systems, unscrew the 1 1/2 by 3 foot, 150-pound machine and carry it away. Because of a company security glitch that authorities would rather not describe, investigators had no way of tracking the devices once they were stolen. That problem was fixed recently -- when the ATM disappeared last week from the Javalencia Cafe, a transmitter in the machine was activated and the stolen machine, along with thousands in cash, was found in a garage in Pacifica an hour after it was stolen. Police say Juan once lived at the house with a woman who still lives there. She denied knowing anything about the thefts. Juan and Lang were arrested at the house and Reyes was later arrested at his home in San Francisco. Bail was set at $500,000 and the suspects are to be arraigned as soon as today. Buckley thanked the efforts of the robbery detail as well as Daly City and Pacifica police for their assistance. "It was a true team effort," he said.

Man held in ATM thefts. He faces charges in several areas.
Jennifer Brevorka

The first clue came in the form of an automated teller machine hacked into by a saw and dumped near an Apex apartment complex Feb. 5, authorities said. A second clue materialized the next day, when another ATM --bruised, battered and cash-free, like the first -- was found in the same spot. On Wednesday, the cash machine mystery apparently ended when an RBC Center security guard called Raleigh police after he saw a man running from an ATM that had been partially pried open. Raleigh police have charged Eugene Cameron Flint, 22, of 1818 Gorman St. with breaking and entering at the RBC Center. The arrest Wednesday led officials to charge him with three other ATM-related crimes. The security guard noticed a man lurking inside the empty RBC Center about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, said Jim Sughrue, police spokesman. The man had entered the center by smashing a 3-foot-by-2-foot glass window, Sughrue said. Once inside, the man went to work, trying to pry open an ATM with a crowbar. "Apparently as the guard approached, he saw the suspect running," Sughrue said. "[The man] had to abort the crime before he got the cash." The guard called police, who descended on the arena in cruisers and boxed in a 2000 Chrysler Cirrus, Sughrue said. When the driver realized he was trapped, he ran into woods. Police quickly followed and caught him. Soon after his arrest Wednesday, Flint confessed to other crimes, including two recent ATM thefts in Chapel Hill, said Detective T.H. Kerley of the Apex Police Department. He was charged with possession of stolen goods in connection with the Chapel Hill thefts, according to arrest warrants. Police said the ATMs found in Apex were from Carmichael Auditorium at UNC-Chapel Hill and Bruegger's Bagel Bakery in the Eastgate Shopping Center in Chapel Hill. During the theft Feb. 6 at Bruegger's, a thief used a hammer to smash the restaurant's glass door, according to police reports. He then cut power lines, cables and bolts from the floor before taking an ATM valued at $7,000. A hammer was left behind. It is not clear how much cash was inside each machine. Flint told detectives he worked alone, Kerley said. Investigators think Flint dragged the ATM into a Jeep after prying the 4-foot, 300-pound computerized mass of metal from a floor. The motivation for heavy lifting was simple. "He said he needed the money," Kerley said. Flint drove to Apex and dumped the machines near a side street behind a Kroger supermarket on U.S. 64, Kerley said. A resident at a nearby apartment complex called police after spotting a deserted ATM. Apex police also charged Flint in connection with the attempted theft of an ATM on Friday, according to arrest warrants. In that incident, Kerley said, a man tried to pry an ATM off the floor of a mini-mart but ran away when he was frightened by noises. When Cary police learned of Flint's arrest, they arrested him on one count of breaking and entering, according to arrest warrants. Investigators think Flint broke into a gas station at 2700 Regency Parkway and fled without stealing anything after alarms sounded, said Capt. Dave Wulff. Late Wednesday, Flint faced two counts of felony possession of stolen property and three counts of felony breaking and entering, according to court records. He was being held at the Wake County jail in lieu of $28,000 bail. Earlier this week, two other free-standing ATMs were stolen from the UNC-CH campus. Police have said they think the machines taken from the Smith Center were an isolated incident. But campus officials are talking with Raleigh investigators about Flint, said Randy Young, a UNC-CH police spokesman.

The News Herald
Police dodge flying ATM, net suspects


U-Haul. U-steal. U-throw a stolen ATM machine at deputies. U-go to jail. Bay County sheriff's deputies had three people in custody Monday and were seeking a fourth as they attempted to untangle a series of crimes Sunday and Monday that would make a fine episode of Cops had it been captured on videotape. At the least, the crimes involved a stolen truck, a stolen U-Haul, the "snatching" of an ATM machine, a high-speed chase and construction barrels (and one ATM machine) flying through the air. At best, investigators believe a passerby's tip that a U-Haul was backed up to a small store on U.S.231 may have led to the capture of people responsible for a string of ATM thefts across the Southeast. "We believe we have made a bigger hit than we thought we had made at first," said Sheriff's Office Lt. Jerry Girvin. "Apparently this group has made a mini career out of working the Eastern Seaboard and ripping off ATM machines." In custody Monday were Steven Robert Collins,39, Wende Lorraine McCormick, 26, and her brother Jerry Carl McCormick, 38. Each is charged with one count of burglary, but Girvin said more charges are pending. Deputies also are looking for Caroline T. Furness,35, who is suspected of driving a van that attempted to block deputies chasing the stolen U-Haul. Authorities believe Collins is from South Carolina while Wende McCormick is from Central Florida. Jerry McCormick gave deputies a fake name and was carrying identification saying his name was Jartev Emery. "We have determined they have hit a number of these ATMs and we have an inquiry out to
departments all over Florida and the East Coast asking if they have had any similar crimes," Girvin said. "We believe we're going to tie them in with a number of ATM burglaries." Monday's theatrics began around 3 a.m. when a motorist called the Sheriff's Office to report that a U-Haul was backed up to Garner's Food Mart on U.S. 231. The motorist believed it might be a burglary in process. Deputies found that someone had broken the glass door, wrapped a chain around a recently installed ATM machine and used the U-Haul to yank it out of the wall. The ATM machine, deputies would soon discover, was placed in the back of the U-Haul. Deputies spotted the U-Haul on U.S. 231 and attempted, unsuccessfully, to stop it. "One of the officers kept trying to get in front of the truck but he couldn't do it because there was a van behind the truck swinging in and out to block him," Girvin said. "The chase went up 231 and down 231 and around some of the side roads and up 231 again. "The truck started hitting those large plastic construction drums; he was deliberately hitting some and they were spinning back and the patrol cars were playing dodge'em with those things," he continued. "Somewhere around Linger Longer Road they shoved the ATM out of the back of the truck and it almost hit the officer's car. And, of course, he had to stop and get it out of the road so it wouldn't endanger any motorists." While deputies moved the ATM machine, the driver of the U-Haul turned off the vehicle's lights and it disappeared. Girvin said Monday that it was unclear who was in the back of the U-Haul, but that it was one of the male suspects. And he said tossing something as large and as heavy as an ATM machine at another vehicle is a serious matter. "It was thrown off the truck at about 70 mph," he said. "The officer that was in pursuit said the first thing he knew there was a big flash of sparks in front of him and an ATM hit the pavement. It was dark and rainy and miserable and terrible out. If you would've hit that you could do a lot of damage and possibly be injured." Deputies continued their search and found the U-Haul abandoned about one-half mile east of U.S.231 off State 20 near WJHG's broadcast tower. Deputies set up a perimeter of sorts and waited. The weather was on their side. "About 7 a.m. a citizen called from the 231 plaza (near State 20) and said a man and a woman had come out of the woods and across the road and were all wet and miserable looking," Girvin said. "Tom Hedges and another deputy went up there and after a very brief conversation determined they were the suspects and arrested them." Girvin said the two were taken to the Sheriff's Office for interviews and investigators learned there were still one or two suspects on the loose. "About 9 in the morning one of our deputies, Jimmy Ammons, was sitting in his patrol car at the 231 Plaza and observed a man coming out of the woods and starting across 231," he said. "Ammons encountered him and arrested him."
Deputies are still searching for the van that ran interference during the chase. It is described as a 1983 maroon and silver Chevrolet. What investigators have learned from interviews and evidence, Girvin said, is that the foursome arrived in town with a van and a stolen pickup truck. The truck was abandoned somewhere in the beaches area prior to the ATM theft and has not yet been recovered. They stole a U-Haul from Back Beach Texaco to use in the ATM theft, he said. "Apparently their (method of operation) is to steal a truck like that and snatch the ATM and then abandon the stolen vehicle in the near area and leave in the little van," Girvin said. Girvin said charges are pending as investigators work to figure out just how many and what crimes were committed.

DOWNEY, Calif. - Police are looking for two suspects who crashed a stolen truck into a Downey convenience store early Tuesday morning, and made off with an ATM. The suspects crashed into the storefront in the 10800 block of Studebaker Road around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday. Store owner Ranjit Sohd said some one crashed into his storefront a year ago, but it was an accident. The store closed at 11 p.m. Monday night. The store's security cameras are focused on the door and cash register and may not have useful information, according to NBC4. Police will look at the security tape. Authorities said the suspects made a quick getaway. Sgt. Dean Milligan said police located the abandoned truck a few blocks away shortly after the incident. Police said the engine was still running when they found the truck. The truck's registered owner said he left the vehicle parked outside in his driveway. The suspects and the ATM are still missing.

Sports club cash machine stolen.
A cash machine was stolen from a bowling complex in Sussex in the early hours of the morning.

Sussex Police said the ATM was taken from the David Lloyd Bowling Centre in Broadwater Way, Eastbourne, at about 0200 BST on Friday. They think a blue Ford Fiesta set alight in a car park in Framfield Way in Eastbourne on Friday night may have been used at some point in the theft. Seven ATMs in Kent and now three in Sussex have been stolen since December. Police said the cash machine was stolen from the bowling centre's entrance hall and that at least two people would have been needed to move it, possibly using a van or a 4x4 vehicle. It is not known how much money was in it. The Ford Fiesta, registration number M37 ONF, was set alight at about 2145 BST and detectives said they wanted to trace a couple in their early 20s who reported the fire to local residents and may have seen the offenders run away. They said they were in a dark-coloured Audi and that the man had short blond hair and possibly a South African accent. In some of the recent previous raids in the South East thieves have used heavy machinery such as mechanical diggers to steal the cash machines from shops or banks during the night. Sussex Police said they were liaising with officers in Kent and sharing information but they did not think the Eastbourne incident was connected to the Kent offences.

Man convicted in string of ATM thefts

A 31-year-old Seaside man who used a torch or pry bar to steal cash from ATMs last year pleaded guilty Friday to numerous charges. Jeremy Davis pleaded guilty to 11 felony counts of burglary, three felony counts of receiving stolen property, three counts of felony grand theft, five counts of felony vandalism, felony possession of methamphetamine for sale, possession of burglars tools and resisting arrest. Davis admitted to breaking into nine machines on the Peninsula between May and October last year, the Monterey County District Attorney's Office reported. He targeted an ATM in tourist areas and used a torch or pry bar to gain access to the cash. He was arrested after police saw him attempting to cut his way through the floor of a bank to get close to the rear of an ATM. Investigators later discovered methamphetamine and numerous stolen items in his home and a storage locker he rented. Davis stole $87,300 from the ATMs and caused about $60,400 damage to them, authorities said. He was also found to be in possession of $97,000 worth of stolen property. He is scheduled to be sentenced on June 7.



Lower Manhattan has been hit by a new wave of ATM thefts — with at least 16 cash machines being ripped off in only the first three months of the year. There has been one arrest so far in this year's crime spree. A similar string of thefts last year tapered off after three members of a rip-off ring were collared. The new crime spree is either the work of last year's gang — reconstituted with new members — or a copycat crew making its own mark, investigators said yesterday. Clarence Jones, 24, of Manhattan, was arrested last month and charged with burglary several days after a delicatessen heist at 42 Grand St., where the store's locks were cut and cash stolen from the ATM. Detectives are searching for clues that could tie Jones to other robberies or suspects, police said. The latest wave of ATM thefts has been carried out by a group that appears to be more patient than the earlier crew of thieves, investigators said. Instead of stealing the ATMs, removing the cash and dumping the machines somewhere, the crooks are opening the machines and taking the cash on the spot, an operation that takes more time. The thieves have hit cash machines in grocery stores, restaurants, delis and a check-cashing business. More than 20 machines were carted away from convenience stores and sandwich shops last year. The machines — usually bolted to the floor — were filled with $4,000 to $22,000 in cash. In two of the earlier cases, cops found suspicious black vans near the scenes of the burglaries. Cops thought the vans could have been used to cart away the heavy machines. Police also suspected that several people were involved in each robbery because the machines weigh close to 350 pounds. But with more thefts being carried out on location, cops aren't even sure if they're looking for a gang or individual thieves. In some cases, the thieves simply broke open a metal gate and walked in through the front door.


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