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BH2000 ATM Alarm

Over 5000 units sold since 2005.

BH2000 ATM Alarm


(Call 513 533-4002 for discounts on Multiple Orders)

Instant text message and or email of:
ATM Alarm sounding
ATM Alarm turned on
ATM Alarm turned off
ATM Alarm off 10 min. reminder
AC power off / Bull Horn back up battery on
AC power on

Plug & Play to DPL Hercules +
Cellular 2-Way (Wireless) For ATMs



  • Inexpensive
  • Basic installation is less than a minute
  • Activated by: motion / tilt / light / shock / contact switch
  • Two 120 db sirens (alarm sound is almost equivalent to a jet engine)
  • Keyed switch (on/off/reset) (on multiple orders, alarms can be keyed the same)
  • External keyed switch (optional)
  • Door contact switches (optional)
  • External siren (optional)
  • Shock Sensor w/16 closed loop wire (optional)
  • External Blinking LED (optional)
  • Instant notification via Text message or Email (Plug & Play to DPL Hercules+)
  • Adjustable light sensor (off/min/max)
  • Two LED lights (alarm on/battery charger on)
  • Siren Time Switch (adjustable: 30 sec/5 min/30 min/auto) (siren times can be changed for custom orders)
  • 6 volt rechargeable battery (power outages do not disable the alarm)
  • Trickle cell battery charger
  • Battery replacement indicator (sounds a chirp every two minutes) (expected battery life 5 to 7 years)
  • 110 volt grounded power outlet (optional for ATM)
  • One 4 round Bull Horn ATM Alarm warning sticker (placed on outside of ATM)
  • Small in size (9x 6x 3 and weighs less than 4lbs)
  • Can be added to any existing building alarm systems (Plug & Play)
  • Helps protect ATM from line surges
  • Lowers insurance costs (Bull Horn ATM Alarm has been endorsed by ATMIA special risk insurance group)
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • ATM theft reimbursement guarantee
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • No false alarms
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent pending

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