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Bull Horn could prevent this from happening to you!


Why invest in an ATM Alarm or ATM Chain from Bull Horn?

Ram-raids, smash and grabs, are on the rise at an incredible rate. ATM industry experts state that this is not only happening in the U.S. but all over the world, and only going to get worse. Why make your ATM a target for thieves who may crash through store fronts, damage buildings, merchandise, equipment, and then leave with the ATM and all the money in it? This costs merchants tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary losses. You can prevent this happening to you with a Bull Horn ATM Alarm.

Bull Horn ATM Alarm is the #1 name for physical ATM security.


BH2000 ATM Alarm

Over 5000 units sold since 2005.


(Call 513 533-4002 for discounts on Multiple Orders)

Instant text message and or email of:
ATM Alarm sounding
ATM Alarm turned on
ATM Alarm turned off
ATM Alarm off 10 min. reminder
AC power off / Bull Horn back up battery on
AC power on

Plug & Play to DPL Hercules +
Cellular 2-Way (Wireless) For ATMs



  • Inexpensive
  • Basic installation is less than a minute
  • Activated by: motion / tilt / light / shock / contact switch
  • Two 120 db sirens (alarm sound is almost equivalent to a jet engine)
  • Keyed switch (on/off/reset) (on multiple orders, alarms can be keyed the same)
  • External keyed switch (optional)
  • Door contact switches (optional)
  • External siren (optional)
  • Shock Sensor w/16 closed loop wire (optional)
  • External Blinking LED (optional)
  • Instant notification via Text message or Email (Plug & Play to DPL Hercules+)
  • Adjustable light sensor (off/min/max)
  • Two LED lights (alarm on/battery charger on)
  • Siren Time Switch (adjustable: 30 sec/5 min/30 min/auto) (siren times can be changed for custom orders)
  • 6 volt rechargeable battery (power outages do not disable the alarm)
  • Trickle cell battery charger
  • Battery replacement indicator (sounds a chirp every two minutes) (expected battery life 5 to 7 years)
  • 110 volt grounded power outlet (optional for ATM)
  • One 4 round Bull Horn ATM Alarm warning sticker (placed on outside of ATM)
  • Small in size (9x 6x 3 and weighs less than 4lbs)
  • Can be added to any existing building alarm systems (Plug & Play)
  • Helps protect ATM from line surges
  • Lowers insurance costs (Bull Horn ATM Alarm has been endorsed by ATMIA special risk insurance group)
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • ATM theft reimbursement guarantee
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • No false alarms
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent pending

35 confirmed cases of ATMs attacked containing over $420,000.00 in cash saved by Bull Horn ATM Alarm.

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Bull Horn ATM Chain



(Call 513 533-4002 for discounts on Multiple Orders)


  • Stops ram raids
  • Compact 12 ¼ X 10 ¼ X 6 ¼ & only 38lbs
  • Installs in less than 15 minutes
  • Mounts to side of all ATM makes and models
  • Chain itself can hold up to 28 tons
  • Can’t be cut with bolt cutters
  • Can’t be easily removed from ATM
  • Non-evasive looking
  • All hardware included
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • ATM theft reimbursement guarantee
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent pending


ATMIA Insurance Program endorses the Bull Horn ATM AlarmThe ATMIA Insurance Program endorses the Bull Horn ATM Alarm. A discount up to 20% may be applied to the coverage of any ATM containing the Bull Horn ATM Alarm.  For more information, email, or call (704) 358-4838.


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Bull Horn ATM Alarms can be found protecting ATMs nationally for:

  • Cardtronics
  • Walgreen's
  • CVS
  • Chevron
  • Marathon
  • Shell
  • IGA
  • Mobile
  • BP
  • Exxon

"The Bull Horn ATM Alarm has proven itself to be a robust and powerful deterrent to would-be ATM thieves."
Michael Clinard,
President, Global Services at Cardtronics

"After thieves seriously vandalized two ATM's, totally destroyed another one and stole a brand new ATM along with the cash inside, we decided to find a source of additional security. After much study, we made the commitment to purchase and install Bull Horn ATM Alarms on all of the ATMs that we own and load. Since doing this, about two years ago, we have had no vandalism or theft. Recently, not far from where we had a previous ATM stolen, another location of ours was broken into. Items were broken and stolen from the store. The only thing not tampered with was the ATM. I attribute this to the ATM being protected by the Bull Horn ATM Alarm. The decision to install the alarms on all of our ATMs has brought our company more piece of mind than any other single decision we have made since starting the business."
Greg Taylor
T&B Investments

"Best product to come to the ATM industry in some time.  I recommend Bull Horn ATM Alarm for the protection of your ATM portfolio."
Donald Fox, Senior Investigator
Schools First Federal Credit Union

"We sell offsite ATMs to banks & credit unions, they like the idea of having an alarm in the ATM out in remote areas and not having to pay monthly monitoring fees. The Bull Horn is the low cost answer."
Doug Johnson, VP
Professional Electronics Services, Inc.

"Easy to install, simple operation, good price and most of all peace of mind. Thanks Bull Horn ATM Alarm"
Stewart Iskowitz, Vice President
Stanson Automated

"UTSC was having an issue in Springfield MA where 5 ATMs over a 1 month period were broken into with sledge hammers. The store alarms were disabled before entry. We have since alarmed all of our machines with Bull Horn ATM Alarms and it has been a year without a break in. I highly recommend Bull Horn ATM Alarm."
Matt Waldron
Universal Telephone Services Corp.

"The Bull Horn ATM Alarm is great since they are a flexible, small unit that can be configured for different types of installations.  We have not had one problem at any of our ATM installations that use the Bull Horn ATM Alarm.  Thanks for the great service too!"
John Enright, President
Minnesota ATM, LLC

"We have had 4 attempted burglaries of our ATMs since we started installing them in Feb 2009 and Bull Horn stopped them all. I recommend it to anyone in the ATM industry because it works!"
Tim Rutowski
National ATM, Inc.


The Bull Horn ATM Alarm was designed specifically for ATMS manufactured by
Triton Tranax Tidel Cross WRG NCR Diebold Nautilus Hyosung etc.
It can also be used in Coin machines Vending machines Kiosks Slot machines etc.


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